you might have noticed things have changed around here…..

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i started in 2005 as The Dragon Lady & Dragon Lady Teas.

Summer Soulstice weekend 2015, i decided to release my tea biz

and step in to my next adventure.

it has been 10 amazing years.

thank you for your love and support.

this may come as a shock to some of you.

i truly hope that my actions both inspire

and ignite the fire within YOU

to follow the path of your heart.


on this new adventure

my intention stays the same

<which is amazing!>

and shows me that my work is not stopping

it is just changing form and growing

as am i.

<intention: to support our collective awakening and evolution.

vision: for ALL beings to be true to who they are.>


i am taking off the Dragon Lady coat

to reveal who i have become as a result of this experience.

i am ready to more fully shine my light


serve you in a way that is more in alignment with who i am NOW.


there are many levels of my teachings.

explore all of them and see what resonates most with you.

if you feel alignment with any of my offerings

take action!

we never know how long any of this will be around.


Authentically You!

Tool Belt for Change

levels of support:

1. Daily Nuggets.

this is my blog. i love to write.

you may feel like i am writing directly to you

because i am.

sign up to get my posts in your inbox.

this is my free offering

tho if you are inspired and wish to support my writing with your dollars

please do!

your support ROCKS! Thank You!!

2. Club Freedom.

this is my monthly meditative tool box of support.

we start a new month every new moon


you will receive weekly broadcasts for change and freedom.

these are tools to navigate your thoughts, feelings and actions.

<this will update to this new format the week of July 15th>

read more about Club Freedom


3. Awakening The Goddess Class.

this is a 5 week transformational adventure for women

to connect with and form a strong relationship to your inner most self.

it is a beautiful and empowering journey. group healing, baby!

Curious? click here. the summer session starts soon!


4. One on One Transformational Mentoring.

this is a customized personal upgrade

for women who are willing to do the work


ready to step in to their true power.

email me to start a conversation.

this is a real commitment on many levels for both of us.

you will know if it is right for you. trust and take action.


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what do you believe?

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Daily Nugget #152

what do you believe?


do you believe the world is flat?

the sun revolves around the earth?

mama birds won’t accept baby birds back in to the nest after you’ve ‘made contact’?

you are getting old?

the sky is yellow?

you are free?

your husband/wife is ‘faithful’?

smoking is bad?

organic food is too expensive?

kids belong in school?

when you die, everything is paradise?

idling is a problem?

car seats are the best place for infants?

kids shouldn’t have cell phones?

we throw away too much?

we don’t throw away enough?

middle eastern-ers are dangerous?

cats piss on things?

you are ‘stuck’ in your: job. relationship.

better not get ‘behind’ on any of your bills?!

summer is short?

you don’t have enough time?

if you ignore it, it will go away?

you HAVE to spend time with them because they are family?

if you do this or don’t do that, what will so and so think??



what a list.

all beliefs.


only real if we believe them to be.

our lives are stacked on belief.

they shape us

mold us

create the very lens we see our lives thru.


what if you tossed your belief glasses


chose a new color?

what if you spun everything you believe

UPside Down?


they are

after all


that doesn’t mean they are real.


that doesn’t mean they are real.


‘What do you MEAN?!’ you say.


question all of it.

what really is ‘good’ or ‘bad’?

right or wrong?


all only a product of our beliefs

which are a product of our experiences.

that’s all.


challenge them.

consider another way.

consider that EVERYTHING you feel to be true


actually NOT.


i’m gonna stop right here

right now

because the earth just dropped out from under you.


what are you standing on?


what the hell?


stand on flexibility.

stand on intuition.

stand in flow.

stand IN now.

swim to the other side of your beliefs and come up for new air.

swim to the other side of your beliefs and come up for new air.

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