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Thank you for visiting our site!!

Here’s a summary of what you will find within. Enjoy and have FUN!

The heartfelt mission and intention of Dragon Lady Teas is to support our collective awakening and evolution.

Our Vision is for all being to be True to who they ARE. 

How can we support?

1. Thru our herbal elixirs of all forms: tea. elixirs. flower essences. custom blending.

2. the Daily Nuggets/blog (cosmically inspired and channeled written downloads).

3. Our Training To BE Free class!

(This was formally know as the Tea O The Month Club and is now upgraded to a monthly spiritual coaching class).

Basically, everything you find on this site is here to support your growth, evolution and awakening.

Be Inspired. Be YOU. Be FREE!!!

You are loved and supported.


if you have any questions/comments about customs, elixirs or the Training to be Free class,

email: dee@dragonladyteas.com

for retail or wholesale info,

email: jefe@dragonladyteas.com

if you’d like to talk to a human, call us @ 307.200.4717

our mailing address is PO Box 3101 Jackson Wy 83001

our kitchen location is: 265 W Broadway, Jackson Wy 83001


We do not have a retail location. Our teas can be found at:

Lotus Cafe (JH)http://tetonlotuscafe.com/Lotus_Cafe/Welcome.html

The Whole Grocer (JH) https://www.facebook.com/JacksonWholeGrocer

Solitude Spa in Teton Mountain Lodge, Teton Village (JH) http://www.tetonlodge.com/spa/

The Merry Peddler. Casper WY. http://www.merrypeddler.com

Dancing Cranes Imports, Salt Lake City, UT http://www.dancingcranesimports.com

and many restaurants in and around Jackson Hole Wy.

If you resonate with the Nuggets, 
consider supporting more writing with 
your dollars. 

your support ROCKS! Thank You!!

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what are we missing??

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Daily Nugget #106

what are we missing?

what does it feel like to be whole?

what does it feel like to be whole?


this is a topic i ponder muchly.

it ties in to addiction


(or lack thereof)


basically our entire experience here on earth as humans.


what are we missing?


when we crave something


a way of being,

we are trying to fill something that is empty



but what is it?


maybe we are craving chocolate because

we are deficient in magnesium.


maybe we crave drama

because, as a child, we were ignored?


we are looking for something to:

change how we are feeling.



if i just drink this glass of wine (or whiskey)

i’ll be able to ‘deal’ better with my situation

or my life.

yes it does often help.

but also often causes us to feel like shit the next day.


maybe our desire for ‘substances’

really stems from our lack of ability to

deal with the shit that goes on within?


what if we had better tools?


i’m not claiming to have figured this all out

by any means

but seriously

it has been a life long study

noticing the addictions within myself


in those around me.

some have more of a grip on the addict-ee

than others.



we have all had ‘bad’ or ‘hard’ stuff  happen to us thru out our lives


certain ‘addictions’

seem to calm the pain

ease the worries


help us from being consumed by our past

but the thing we crave is only a temp fix.


the feeling doesn’t go away.

the need for whatever it is we ‘use’ doesn’t magically disappear

(or dis-sa-spear, how my youngest used to say it :-)

until we figure out what we are missing.


sure we can ‘train’ ourselves to not crave

but where does that craving go?

if energy cannot be created OR destroyed


where does it go?

does it get funneled in to another

more ‘acceptable’ vice?


i’m addicted to…


(we all are. tho we don’t recognize it)


shopping. technology. negative self talk. sex. exercise (yep some are ‘addicts’).

drama. being right. power and control. food. negativity. being the party pooper.

you get the idea.

addiction goes well beyond drugs and alcohol and tobacco.


but they all have their roots in:

what are we missing?

why must we fill this place with something?


which shifts my attention to Abundance.


lack thereof.

the state of perceived ‘needing’ something outside of yourself

is a state of lack.


you are basically, on an energetic level,

saying to yourself:

‘i don’t have enough’

this is lack consciousness.


Abundance isn’t just about money.

it’s about: love. joy. creativity. peace. happiness.

in ALL areas of your life. work and relationships.


what if:

Abundance Consciousness is really the absence of addiction,

the absence of lack.


the presence of All That Is


Enough :)


i have recorded a guided meditation

just for you :)

for your evolutionary pleasure.

enjoy and share and practice.


may you all Be Whole.


much love <3


ps. if you are getting this in your inbox, you will need to go to:


to listen.


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walkin’ the line

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Daily Nugget #105

walkin’ the line

walkin' the line...

walkin’ the line…


we are ALL walking the line right now.

on one side is:

what everyone thinks you ‘should’ do


what ‘they’ think.

on the other side is:

what you think you ‘should’ do

which is sometimes based on the ‘they’.


in the middle lives what feels right

what your heart says.

the way that honors your deepest truth.


we all know what truth is.

we can feel it in our body.

we may have forgotten


have been ignoring

but it is there.

our bodies don’t lie to us

they are wanting to guide us


give us signals that support our truth.


if everyone learned to be in their truth

to listen to their inner voice

to BE who they are


take actions that respect the light within and all that is

what a place this would be……


i say it all the time

i have seen this place!

it exists as a possible future


it is this glimpse

that keeps me going

moving forward with focused determination

to help you see and recognize YOUR light.

what we can dream up

is beautiful. magnificent. sustainable. nourishing. loving. sharing. peaceful and awesome!!


walking the line can be challenging.

we may fall off


lose our balance


a bird might shit on our head.


keep coming back to center

your line of truth.

your heart

your breath.



you will find that eventually

the line dissolves


you are no longer pulled in this way or that

because there are no more pullers.


all that exists then

is you.

and within you

is me


all that is.


the line is now an ocean or a wide valley

full of life and abundance.

smiles and joyful laughter echoing thru the canyons


your center is strong.

your breath is a game changer


honoring your truth and the truth within others

is the new way of being.


walk the line of YOUR truth

until the line dissolves and become a vast expanse of awesomeness.

look around

others are walking their lines too

send them love and encouragement

you know it’s not easy.


send them love and encouragement


feel it coming back to you.

your love boomerang always returns to you.

the cycle of give and receive.


feel yourself loved and encouraged

as your line dissolves and you step freely

onto the new earth of possibility.


that future DOES exist.

let’s point ourselves in that direction.


for your listening pleasure.

Johnny Cash knows about walkin’ the line……




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expect miracles

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Daily Nugget #104

expect miracles.



a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws

and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.


the work of a divine agency.


i’m definitely a divine agent

as are you.


so that means

miracles are more commonplace

than we think.


expect miracles.

expect change.



we expect the same results time and time again

from our life


the people in it.


have you had the experience of waking up feeling like a totally different person?

like the old ‘you’ totally shed


what is left

is a brighter, shinier version?!



you move thru your day

only to be perceived by the world

as the same person you were yesterday.

when you most certainly don’t feel like that person.


for me

many people see me as the ‘tea lady’


that’s it.

it’s a bit frustrating

to go thru all of the cosmic shifting and peeling and transforming,

come out on the other side as a totally new and different person

offering SO much more

but to be seen as the same person i was 10 years ago.


i don’t ever remember who that person was!


why do we hold ourselves in these containers of sameness?

why do we expect the same?

can we not walk each day with fresh eyes?

with NO expectations?



with expecting only miracles?


let’s practice

shall we?

walking thru our day


even tho we might encounter the same things

-at least on the outside-

let’s expect that actually



none of us are the same as we were

even yesterday.

what often keeps us IN same-ness is our resistance

to the inevitable: Change is the ONLY constant.

(note: resistance causes suffering…)


let’s wave our freak flag


more accurately

our: I’M ME flag


flow thru our experience

expecting that people really ARE different.

cause maybe

when we expect them to BE different

it fully allows them to.


embrace our newness


embrace and encourage the newness in others!


let’s bust out of our perceived sameness


catch up to the version of ourselves that is more true and authentic



ps. you rock.


we are new each day!

we are new each day!






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