you might have noticed things have changed around here…..

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i started in 2005 as The Dragon Lady & Dragon Lady Teas.

Summer Soulstice weekend 2015, i decided to release my tea biz

and step in to my next adventure.

it has been 10 amazing years.

thank you for your love and support.

this may come as a shock to some of you.

i truly hope that my actions both inspire

and ignite the fire within YOU

to follow the path of your heart.


on this new adventure

my intention stays the same

<which is amazing!>

and shows me that my work is not stopping

it is just changing form and growing

as am i.

<intention: to support our collective awakening and evolution.

vision: for ALL beings to be true to who they are.>


i am taking off the Dragon Lady coat

to reveal who i have become as a result of this experience.

i am ready to more fully shine my light


serve you in a way that is more in alignment with who i am NOW.


there are many levels of my teachings.

explore all of them and see what resonates most with you.

if you feel alignment with any of my offerings

take action!

we never know how long any of this will be around.


Authentically You!

Tool Belt for Change

levels of support:

1. Daily Nuggets.

this is my blog. i love to write.

you may feel like i am writing directly to you

because i am.

sign up to get my posts in your inbox.

this is my free offering

tho if you are inspired and wish to support my writing with your dollars

please do!

your support ROCKS! Thank You!!

2. Club Freedom.

this is my monthly meditative tool box of support.

we start a new month every new moon


you will receive weekly broadcasts for change and freedom.

these are tools to navigate your thoughts, feelings and actions.

<this will update to this new format the week of July 15th>

read more about Club Freedom


3. Awakening The Goddess Class.

this is a 5 week transformational adventure for women

to connect with and form a strong relationship to your inner most self.

it is a beautiful and empowering journey. group healing, baby!

Curious? click here. the summer session starts soon!


4. One on One Transformational Mentoring.

this is a customized personal upgrade

for women who are willing to do the work


ready to step in to their true power.

email me to start a conversation.

this is a real commitment on many levels for both of us.

you will know if it is right for you. trust and take action.


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are you free?

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Daily Nugget #149

are you free?


on this 4th day of the 7th month

how do you feel?

does today represent freedom to you?

are you adorned with red white and blue?


are you celebrating?

thinking ‘thank goodness i don’t have to work!’

a break from the norm

from the mundane.


do you feel free?

are you?

do you have freedom of time? money? love?

do you freely express who you really are

BE who you truly are?


do you simply feel free because you have the day off?

are you ready to go back?

do you want to?


do you use this break to escape


drown yourself in libations?

is a part within you dying?

dying to be free

dying because it is not?


Freedom is a big word.

what does it mean to you?

are you ready to take the steps to find it? have it?

do you even really know what it feels like?


what it feels like to be:

quiet in your mind

peaceful in your emotions

alive in your heart

flexible in your beliefs

open to possibility

living the life of your dreams.


do you want these things?

when you drift to those places

does it scare the shit out of you?

are you comfy where you are?

tho not entirely happy


the thought of change gives rise to anxiety?


use this day

this day of celebrating freedom

to dip IN to your freedom within.

invite your true self to step forward


welcome true freedom in to your life.


explore what it might look like


feel like.

allow yourself to explore real freedom.

know that things are not always as they appear.

be willing to explore further…

be FREE!

which exit will you take?

which exit will you take?

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paralysis by analysis

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Daily Nugget #148

paralysis by analysis


is this you?

do you find yourself completely paralyzed by your thoughts?

thoughts of:

it’s not done yet.

it’s not perfect yet.

i’m not ready yet.

where do i start?


are you caught up in the~what if’s


the how’s?

so much that you find yourself in the same place that you have been

only with more stress. anxiety and fear?


it might even be better to call this post:

Death by Analysis Paralysis.


without movement – we atrophy.

without trust – we fear.

when we fear

we are frozen.

frozen in the place of UNtruth.

the place of ‘i can’t’

‘i’m not enough’

‘i don’t deserve it’

who do i think i am?


when you analyze something to the point of paralysis

action is not possible.

you are locked in to place.

who ever said that was ‘ok’ or healthy or even real?!

what if ‘non-action’ was illegal?

what if your life depended on you taking action?

would you take it?

are you scared enough to risk death vs. action?


i see this kind of paralysis often.

i also see the pain that accompanies it.

the negative self talk

<like we don’t have enough of that already>


the crystalization of our BEings.


when you crystalize

you harden.

when you harden

you break.

at that point the fear deepens

because you KNOW you will break if you move an inch.


better to avoid the whole crystalization process all together.

but how, dee, how??!!
how do i avoid it?


i guess ‘avoid’ isn’t the best word to use

so maybe i’ll change it to: JUST DON’T FREAKING DO IT!


my thoughts/methods to flow with change


therefore flow with your life and everything/everyone in it:


1. chill the f out.

2. you are stronger than you believe. <don’t always believe what you think!>

3. lighten the load.

  • you aren’t responsible for everyone’s happiness.
  • if it doesn’t bring you joy, let go of it <including stuff. people. work. worry. pain. regret. doubt. fear>
  • know that your essence is LIGHT. it feels better to BE the light that you ARE!

4. commit to breathing intentionally & often. breathe before you react. breathe before you speak.

breathe. breathe. breathe.

5. be kind to yourself.

  • make a plan.
  • know what you want.
  • take action.

6. well shoot. i could list hundreds of things. but i’m gonna stop here.

maybe you will join me <in some way shape or form> to deepen this understanding and practice.

if you are moved to. take action! i invite you in and welcome you.

monthly support for all!

classes for women

one on one mentoring for women


ps. allow yourself to be happy.

i believe in you.


take the step!

take the step! it just might feel AWESOME!!









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what does the ‘new you’ feel like?

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Daily Nugget #147

what does the ‘new you’ feel like?


what do you want it to feel like?
we are upgrading


everyone is

regardless of if you believe it or not.

regardless of if you resist it or not.

it is happening.


what do you want to feel like?

you get to choose

do you know that?

put your order in for your newness


drop in to the place that is REALLY you.


find your super powers.

you know what they are.

tho you may be afraid to put on your cape & fly.


you might not like what you are doing right now.

you might feel like a Total Closet Upgrade is in order.

you might feel like doing things you’ve never done before


dipping back in to things that brought joy once before.


what does the ‘new you’ feel like?

strong? confident? free? joyful? healthy?


can you feel your cells changing?

they are vibrating now

at a different frequency.

aches and pains and sickies abound

as we move out the old version.

will you embrace it?





what a simple word.


do you know many people who can wield it?


how often do you feel your body clenching

your breath shallow

your thoughts kicking your ass?



do you feel the freedom

the go-with-the-flow-ness


being in the NOW.

living in this moment.


what does the ‘new you’ feel like?


like that new outfit

that you liked when you bought it

but now

you’re not sure that it works.


‘oh, i’ll give it a shot. i want it to work.’


then you feel the doubt

wondering if it really does work for you.


how do others see me?

how does it make my body look?

does it express who i really am?


finding the outer expressions

of who we are on the inside

can be tricky.

we may have to try on many things


still not find the thing that feels right.



i’m asking you to be uncomfortable.

i am.

so you’re not alone.


wear that new thing.

move your light thru and out

so that others may gaze upon it


bask in it.


feel comfy feeling UNcomfy.

be awkward.


dip IN to it and swim around.

relax your give-a-fuck-ness


allow yourself to not care.


awkward is awkward

but it’s better when you can just BE in it

with no negative self talk.

fire that voice in your brain.

cause what good does it do for you anyways??!!

and hire a secretary.

one that says,

‘you look amazing!

you are so strong and confident.

i love it when you shine your light. it’s hot.

who cares what so and so says.

you totally freaking rock!’


got it?

be awkward.

fire the voice and hire a secretary.

decide how you WANT to feel.

now go!


look at me! i'm awesome!!

look at me! i’m awesome!!



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